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Touch screen tablet PC is the latest revolution in the world of technology. Gone are the days of keyboard computers and laptops which prevent mobility and are a headache when you need to travel a lot. This new breed of touch screen tablet PC is like a mobile PC which includes a flat touch screen monitor. Unlike traditional PCs and laptops these tablet PCs are operated by touching the screen or by using a stylus, digital pen or onscreen virtual keyboard. Touch screen tablet PC allows you freedom of movement and you can easily use it where using a keyboard laptop is not possible. You can use it while standing, lying in bed and can even operate it with a single hand. Their lighter weight allows them to be carried anywhere and everywhere. Their touch screen feature makes navigation really easy and their battery life is longer than laptops and PCs. Moreover the touch screen feature comes in handy when you have to do digital painting, image editing and they also allow faster entry of diagrams, mathematical notations and symbols.

Touch screen tablet PCs use two major computer architecture: x86 and ARM architecture. The operating systems used in these touch screen tablet PCs include both traditional desktop based operating system (like Windows and Linux) and post-PC mobile based operating systems (like Apple iOS and Google Android). Touch screen tablet PC is available in two forms: resistive touch screen and capacitative touch screen. The former allows greater precision, are passive and can respond to any kind of pressure on the screen. The latter are more accurate but less responsive as compared to the resistive touch screens. Since the touch screen tablet PC allows for enhanced mobility, Wi-Fi connectivity is ubiquitous among the tablets. To communicate with other peripheral devices these tablets usually support the Bluetooth feature instead of wired USB ports. The storage drives are usually similar to those used in laptops but smaller varieties use storage drives that are akin to drives used in mp3 players or have on-board flash memory. They also have ports for removable storage devices like Secure Digital Cards. These touch screen tablet PCs usually use solid state memory as it guarantees better resistance to damage during movement. Touch screen tablet PC comes in a variety of sizes and form. The following types of form are available in the market: slate, booklet, convertible and hybrid.

There are large numbers of vendors dealing in touch screen tablet PC. Different vendors offer different features in their products and there are limitless possibilities when it comes to the different types of apparatus and features available in the touch screen tablet PC.


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Touch Screen Tablet PC

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Touch Screen Tablet PC

This article was published on 2012/03/08