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If you run a commercial business then there are countless benefits to having interactive touch screen kiosks and this is one of the very best ways to improve your customer satisfaction and accessibility, eliminate errors and to reduce your overheads and costs.

 Interactive touch screen kiosks are essentially free standing devices that have touch screens as their form of interface (rather than for example a keyboard). These will stand in your lobbies and other areas and they will allow your customers to operate them themselves in order to negate the need for a reception with human staff.

 There are many situations in which interactive touch screen kiosks are appropriate and can be used to great effect. For instance if you run a hotel, then interactive touch screen kiosks are ideal for letting people sign in themselves. At cinemas interactive touch screen kiosks have long been in use allowing people to collect preordered tickets and even to book tickets initially. On top of this the transport industries are also more and more benefiting from these kiosks as they allow people to get information and order tickets for trains, planes, buses, coaches and more. Stores even are now using kiosks in order to let people buy their products.

 In any of these situations kiosks eliminate the need for those people to queue and to be seen by members of your staff. This then means that they are more likely to buy believe it or not. People don't like talking to other people when they are in a hurry, and certainly if they are buying things they perhaps are embarrassed or shy about. By using kiosks then you eliminate a 'barrier to purchasing' that previously existed and that previously prevented people from taking the plunge. Because it's easier and quicker to buy, they are more likely to do so.

 Of course you will still need staff and you won't be able to completely operate without customer service (nor should you want to). You will need your staff in order to serve your customers in cases when things go wrong, or if they can't understand the machines and some people still do prefer that human touch. However by having both a human staff member and a kiosk you enjoy the best of both worlds and you'll notice all your queues moving faster. This in turn results in more customer satisfaction because they didn't have to wait as long, and it results in your serving more customers because you have a quicker turnover.

 The important distinction here is 'touch screen', and this is for many reasons. If you are someone who is perhaps elderly or a technophobe, and you want to buy something – you may well be put off by lots of buttons or an awkward mouse. Likewise you're unlikely to want to use keys if you have some form of disability. However touch screens are so intuitive to use that you don't need to have any background in technology in order to work them out and benefit from them.

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With the ever improving technology, more and more business owners are installing touch screen kiosks, to generate income and assist customers. Some of the latest interactive kiosks are made by housing an iPad.

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Interactive touch screen kiosks

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Interactive touch screen kiosks

This article was published on 2012/03/01